Campo das Estrelas

Campo das Estrelas

03 fevereiro 2009

O entendimento silencioso entre o terapeuta e o paciente

Submeti este artigo para ser publicado na revista "Reiki News Magazine", numa rubrica chamada "Getting the Most from Reiki". Não foi seleccionado, mas aqui está para vosso conhecimento agora.

The silent understanding between therapist and patient

Both therapist and patient understand each other when they choose: one to heal, the other to be healed. They kind of have an agreement, an inside agreement to do it. They both have internal issues to be worked out and to be healed in communion. They work in communion at high levels, not at this level on earth. It is something higher, something they don’t know or imagine. Back issues they are not aware of have to be resolved between them. They look for each other and meet one day, and the miracle happens: old issues are healed, present issues are healed too.

A therapist has a code to follow: he himself has to be healed, if he wants to heal the others. His inside has to be cleaned of all sorrows, mischiefs, anger, hate, tears - all of that must be brought to surface and released slowly, during quite a long period of time. The most important issue is his intention of being healed. How can he heal the other, if he is not in harmony with himself or balanced? Sometimes he cannot treat those issues himself and he may need the help of a qualified therapist.

The therapist life must be adjusted to high patterns of light, he has to care about his internal light. He has to keep that light shining all the time, never let it die or even flicker – the light must be kept alive, strong, shining. Because it is such light that brings others to him for treatment. The ones who come share also the light, and are attracted to him by his own vibration. It is such vibration that attracts patient to therapist and therapist to patient. They both heal each other during the session.

Working with Reiki and Karuna develops all of this in you. You get cleaned inside, your light shines brighter and steadier, your health improves, you see not the future, but are focused on the present, on the moment, and you see your problems as challenges. You reborn, you become a new person with new patterns of life, where love, faith and charity are your goals both for you and for sharing with others.

So, go on healing, go on sharing your love, friendship, faith and charity with yourself and others around you, and you will attract all that for you and your life.

What are you waiting for to change your life and throw away old patterns? Believe me, and choose to work with the energy, choose to work for your internal process of growing, choose to change for the best.
LOVE is our goal. LOVE is total communion between all human beings. And Reiki and Karuna are the purest love we know on earth.